A Killing Thing

Release date: 14/02/24
Featuring Madeeha Mubarak In a tough dubwise interpretation of the enduring original folk song - Sonskrif shapes formidable minimalist electronics around a beautiful one-take vocal sung by Mubarak, producing a fierce, brooding work of bass-led physicality and cathartic lyricism.

Uncle Fester On Acid In Dub Version

A Killing Thing Remix

A Killing Thing comes with an industrial dub rework by Dutch production maestro & official On-U-Sound archivist Uncle Fester On Acid (Sittard, NL), which transforms Sonskrif's version into an astonishing spectacle of cavernous delay and monumental soundboard treatments.


Featuring Akrasi (SONS09/10D) formed in late 90s Manchester, Akrasi is Brixton singer-songwriter Joyce Akrasi together with producer Patrick Luke & Kevin Davy (trumpet)

Mixcloud Lockdown Mixes by Sonskrif / Rex

Two Mixtapes by two producers recorded during national lockdown observing social distancing regulations whilst mingling every 'genre' possible.

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A playlist featuring Sonskrif productions for others, remixes, commissions & collaborations including: Mark Stewart, Jonny Blunders, David Ness, Sine, OBT, K3 Media and more.


"Twins EP is an extremely promising piece of work from the newcomer. Expect mean basslines, catchy synth hooks and an undeniable sense of rhythm across all five tracks"


"Helping hands of guidance dominate the ethics behind the creative processes of the Meld project, using ideas of advocacy and self-discovery in their art"

Sonskrif aka SLVA

"Certainly worth a listen to those with a soft spot for pounding subs, syncopated percussion with cold Ballardian overtones"

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